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NOTE - Example using Coleman Powermate Brush Type Generator


NOTE: If your generator is a brushless unit the proceedure below will not work.


If there is a loss of residual magnetism (voltage will not build up), it may be necessary to re-excite the unit.



    1. Use a 6-volt lantern battery (dry cell).

    2. Remove the brush cover.

    3. Start the engine with no
      load connected to the

    4. (Using your own fabricated wire leads ) Attach the "-" NEGATIVE lead of the
      battery to the negative
      brush. Very briefly, touch
      the "+" lead of the battery to
      the positive brush as
      shown. Remove as soon as voltage builds up. To measure
      voltage, use a plug-in voltmeter.*

*You can have a small load lamp to indicate success without having to use a voltmeter.  A desk lamp or other small lamp you can plug into any of the outlets on the generator panel.

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